I Am, The Tuning Lady
tuning the world, one person at a time

tuning the world, one person at a time


Sound therapy. Really!
UT   RE   MI   FA   SOL   LA
                                                           … six tones 

Dissonance results from combining two disharmonious elements, i.e. shopping mall music + individual store music.

Sound + (images × memories × emotions) = Dissonant Resonance

6 tones + binaural crossing the Corpus Callosum = balance 

Tapping two tuning forks together unite the two hertz vibrations now creating a dissonant resonance — a third tone that reverberates between the forks within our etheric body  resulting in an harmonic balancing. 

Each fork being precisely tuned to one of the six Cakra's: the Crown / Brow chakra is held by all six forks refracting the total of stimulated energy. By bridging, weaving and connecting the chakras as we move up the sushumna following the Ida and Pingala from Earth to Light; we create harmony within every cell's disturbed equilibrium. 

Awaken to knowledge that health is  your body's natural state