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I Am, The Tuning Lady, mg Robbins, CSTP and Associates, is dedicated to the healing science of Sound Therapy Healing, Energy Healing, and Vibration Therapy. SomaEnergetics™ Energy Vitality Technique  is a sound vibration technique developed by Dr. David Hulse, CMSTT, at the turn of the century. 

The EVT uses the power of the ancient Solfeggio frequencies: UT RE MI FA SOL LA; each tuning fork calibrated to one bio-energy center from the coccyx to the cranial chakra. Weaving up the Sushumna through the Ida and Pingula, the Energy Vitality technique balance's discordant energies creating an equilibrium within the cellular system. Sound healing is based on this principle of  harmonic resonance.

Energy and vibration go to the molecular level. We have 70 different receptors on the molecules and when vibration and frequency reach that far they begin to vibrate. "As molecules vibrate they … touch each other, and tickle each other, and they play and mount each other."[1] It is this energetic ritual at the cellular level that opens the chromosomes and exposes the DNA to the frequencies. When we use tuning forks, tone, drum, or chant, it directs energy for transformational purposes. —- from  

[1] Molecules of EmotionDr. Candice Pert, PhD